A Fistful of Ghost Rock

A Ranger's Duty

July 11-24, 1879

Taking a few days rest from their encounter with the vengeful, lovelorn, undead prostitute, the posse ventured into the Texas Ranger station, greeted by a gentleman playing solitaire alone in an warehouse containing only a bookcase and a desk. Asking for Abigail Sullivan, they were prompted to go use the secret switch.

As Pat fell down Helmut Schmidt’s Speedomatic Personel Slope, the rest of the group followed, finding Abbie and an Indian sitting. After offering the drink that Pat had already helped himself to, Abbie informed them of a bit of a problem; it seemed that the monthly wagon train from Santa Fe was late, and was supposed to be carrying an important scientist: Dr. Bludnock, who was coming to town to have a Smith and Robards representative evaluate his Doc Bludnock‚Äôs Licorice Lip Balm and Soothing Unguent.

The posse gathered up their possessions, and headed west. Making poor shelter, they passed a trapper, who agreed to share breakfast with them and trade, in both goods and info: he had passed a wagon train a few days back, that had mentioned that they had had some wheel trouble.

The posse continued onward, uncertain if there was any sort of real danger for the wagon train, when they saw a wagon on the horizon. Thinking they were in luck, they approached, only to have a cannonball throw the dirt in front of them.

Lead flew all around, and the outlaws they posse defeated left them some nice horses and a cannon. And a cannoneer that simply wanted left alone. Of course, they drug him with them.

Following a likely trail, they found one of the three wagons had been abandoned, a wheel cracked in a stream. As the bandit they had captured warned them of Little Jimmy, they came across a camp, where a lone lookout sat admiring a necklace.

Advancing without caution, the posse quickly subdued shot the lookout, but not before he had let off a shot from his shotgun. Searching the two wagons, Jeb was able to find some of Doc Bludnock’s Balm… right before the stick of dynamite blew the wagon he was in to pieces.

Using the trees for cover, the posse seemed at first to be in a bind, with only Pat’s skill with a rifle able to affect the bandits shooting from cover. Then, Little Jimmy brought out his “little friend”, using his gattling rifle to mow down the trees they were using as cover.

With quick thinking and some cannonball use, the group finally managed to take the bandits out, and free their weaponry from their greedy clutches. Oh, and they saved the wagon train.

Returning back to town (and collecting their paycheck from Abbie), the posse then learned of a mighty tragic situation: Tim Sullivan (no relation to Abbie whatsoever) was going to get hitched with Samantha Donnovan. Pat took the occasion to do some celebratory drinking, while Jeb was inconsolable that he didn’t have a protege any longer to take over the church that he really didn’t like runnin’.

Attempting to console themselves with economic grease, the posse agreed to sell the weaponry they had acquired, and learned that there was some commotion going on with the railway crews: seemed that somethin’ had been killing the workers for the past few days.

Heading out, the posse made their way to the main cut, learning from the workers that something had been crushing people in their sleep. Going to investigate one of the bodies, Tsura contacted the Hunting Grounds to learn that there was some sort of Voodoo involved, while Jeb found out the hard way while inspecting a body that it was voodoo that involved venomous teeth.

As they returned, they found quite a few members of the cut performing a voodoo ritual, claiming that they were preventing the bad mojo from coming near. Accidentally inhaling the smoke that they were using, Jeb noticed that it seemed to trail against the wind, and followed it. As the posse wondered at what smoke he was talking about, and why he claimed the Houngans were still talking to him, a massive serpent appeared, with the Snake Charmer screaming at them in fury.

Thinking quickly, Tsura threw the Snake Charmer into the serpent, killing him almost immediately; as the Serpent attempted to crush Jed, Old Henry whisked him away. As Tsura managed to blat the venomous snake that appeared from the Snake Charmer’s body into oblivion, Jeb and Henry were able to lop off the head of the larger serpent.

Moving back to the cut, they told the Houngans that all was again well, or, at the very least, they just killed a big-ass snake and some crazy dude shouting orders at it, and began their trek home.



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