A Fistful of Ghost Rock

A Scientific Problem

July 24-August 14th

Making their way back to town, the posse decided that they should like to read the letter that was on the Bayou Vermillion letterhead. After tracking down an old friend Old Henry’s, they learned that it was a letter from a “S” that was interested in making sure that the rail line to Independence never got finished, and that it was not in their “best interests”.

As they pondered what this might mean, the group met Mr. Thomas Edison, an inventor of some renown. As they walked with him to the hotel, they learned from Abigail Sullivan that it seemed that someone had taken quite an interest in Mr. Edison, and might be possibly trying to kill him.

Old Henry then attempted to convince Mr. Edison that his life was in danger (which he did), and that he was already dead (which he supposedly was), and this was the best way to protect him. As O.H. came down the stairs to tell everyone that Edison was likely safe, Pat greeted him as Edison. To his pleasure, the four men who seemed to be eyeballing anyone who had a lick of science coming from their pores decided to draw.

Despite their gattling pistols, the four gunslingers were no match for the posse. As their backup plan barged through the saloon door, another flaw in their plan occurred: Never rely on Automatons from Crazy Ike’s Discount Automaton Emporium and Cookware Warehouse. But why would the Agency want Edison dead…?

Bringing Edison to the Ranger safe house, they then attempted to track down the money that had purchased the automatons, tracking it to the apartment of a Simon Comwell. As Tsura picked the lock (and set off the rigged shotgun trap), they were greeted with a completely empty room. However, Jed’s amazing carpentry skills noticed a flaw in the floor; pulling up the boards, they posse found a lockbox containing gold bars, and article clippings regarding Old Henry, Doc Bludnock, Thomas Edison, and a gentleman named Wilbur Williamson, a local scientist that was working on something he called Rocket-Powered Rail Boots.

Rightly guessing that Mr. Williamson and Doc Bludnock were going to be targeted, they attempted to find the doctor to no avail, eventually giving up and making their way to Wilbur Williamson’s home. Along the way, they met a Sioux hunting party that told Tsura that there was something odd going on at his home.

Paying no heed, they arrived at Wilbur’s home, to find it empty. The only clues to his whereabouts being the powdered copper all around the floor, as well as the cooking pot that had been left on. Old Henry, curious as to what he could find to eat, quickly realized that it was most definitely volatile and possibly less than edible; following the tracks he found to the toilet, he quickly deduced the secret room’s switch: the toilet handle (as there was an outhouse outside).

As the group made their way down to the laboratory, nearly activating a tripwire, they found themselves in a small, underground cavern… with lots of bottles of nitroglycerin, the ingredient for Wilbur’s fuel.

Making their way deeper inside, they uncovered Wilbur’s Ghost Rock furnace, as well as a door locked with a body inside… and the souls of many assistants that had died of hunger before. As beakers, scalpels, acid flasks, and nitro flew across the lab, the posse was able to keep their heads (figuratively and literally), eventually banishing the spirits to their rightful places (or such that they thought they should be), and began the salvage. Taking Williamson’s notes, they pondered at the cryptic message that was inside as a bookmark from a T.E…



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