A Fistful of Ghost Rock

Back to the Future... past... huh?

September 15th-September 30th, 1879

Warping back to the future past present Dodge, the posse was greeted by Edison and Tesla, who had been waiting anxiously for their arrival for all of about ten seconds. Or a year. Depends on how you look at it.

With the papal hat and the spear of destiny in their possession, the group waited around for Tesla and Edison to do their scientific magic, as well as for Jed to recover from his temporal displacement sickness. As playing nurse was none of their specialties, they remembered that the Iron Dragon and Bayou Vermillion were supposed to meet the next night, and decided to crash the party.

Staking out the place (and hiding Tsura’s wagon), the posse watched as a group of chinese rail workers scouted out the meeting location, shortly before Red Petals Su arrived with her bodyguards. Detecting a flash of smoke and magic, Pat quickly hired two… “ladies of the night” to… “distract” some of the guards.

Anthony watched in horror as one of the guards decided to do his… business… with the… provider against his wagon, and quickly opened fire.

A hail of bullets and blood left hardly any of the group standing; and even though a Hanging judge decided to show up, the posse was able to quickly defeat him, with the help of the Spear.

Learning that the rail lines both had trains nearby, the group then decided to see what havok they could do at the train yard. Coming up to the Bayou Vermillion train, they opened the cars to find hordes of zombies waiting inside. As the caretaker of the train came to confront them, Pat challenged him to a duel, soundly defeating him… despite the fact that he simply got up again, a bullet in his eye. Thanks to the quick shots of Pat and Burrel, and Szigetti’s Invincible Zombie Wall, they were able to turn the tide of the battle. At least, until Szigetti managed to blow holes into the Ghost Rock boiler of the train

Knowing better than to stick around an exploded train, the posse was confronted by a newspaper man, demanding to know answers; Pat quickly informed him that there were a group of chinese that had attacked the train, showing him “proof” that was previously collected from the fight against Red Petals.

The next day, a war waged between the Iron Dragons and the Bayou Vermillion.

Having tidied up the issue, and Jed having gotten over his temporal displacement sickness once again, they sought out the one man who might know something about how to defeat Stone… Crazy Pete. Going to the last place they found him, they saw that the bar was completely deserted, and Pat located a secret door in the floor. Going down the stairs, they stumbled upon a group of Harrowed that were seemingly hunting the Prospector down. After spending around $300 in ammunition, the posse rescued the man, who provided detailed information so as to bring Stone down, and more importantly, to have a chance at surviving.

Knowing that this would be risky business, they called upon all the resources they could, bringing together 20 Automatons from Smith and Robards, 100 Rangers and Agents, and Szigetti working on repairing a giant mechanized behemoth.

Approaching the day of truth, the group decided to check on Edison and Tesla, only to find that a Harrowed huxter had come and was trying to take them hostage. Calling upon their resources, the posse was able to recover the scientists without anybody (who was not a bad-guy) getting hurt.

Steeling themselves, the posse began their last rest before their final battle…



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