A Fistful of Ghost Rock

February 3-4, 1878

Never liked church anyway

The posse quickly moved into action, rushing to the home of Luigi Billio, the man the Swiss Guard suspected was responsible for the demon attacks, but whom they thought was being framed.

Invited in by his niece, and helping themselves to some vittles, Szgetti and Jed were overcome with a horrible sickness, and Pat noticed that the wine was a bit more tart than usual. Noticing that most hostesses don’t throw balls of poisonous brain matter at their guests, the posse was forced to defend itself… then loot the bodies… and burn down the house… and then collapse the house…

Looking for signs of the missing Billio, they were able to find a hidden shrine, with signs that Billio was actually a protestant; knowing that this could cause major scandal, they brought this information to Pecci. Pecci then put them on the trail of Allesandro, recruiting one of Rome’s sewer rats to provide them information, and lead them through the catacombs.

Making their way through the death-sewers, they eventually caught up with Alessandro, and after a few instances of shooting him in the knee and his healing himself, they realized that he wasn’t a danger.

In fact, Alessandro provided proof that Pecci was actually lying to them the entire time; he was the person who was vying for the Papacy, and seemed to be using otherworldly powers to make sure it happened, including the poisoning of the previous pope. Alessandro was actually trying to recover the one artifact that could prove Pecci’s evil: the Lance of Longinus.

Retrieving the artifact, they made their way to the Sistine Chapel, only to find that Pecci was in the middle of a ritual, protected by the Cardinals that were to approve his vote, and standing in the blood of the swiss guards that had been protecting him.

The posse quickly moved into action, fighting the armored monstrosity that Pecci called for his protection, and even managing to save a few cardinals from Pecci’s magical life-force drain, finally impaling him with the Lance (and freeing the Papal hat, as well).

Grabbing the two artifacts, the group hurriedly made their way back to the wagon, and activated the Temporal Rectification device…



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