A Fistful of Ghost Rock

Henry's Treasure

September 4-12

With Tesla finally able to translate the documents found at Old Henry’s abode, the posse began making their way east of Dodge. Pat’s keen eyes caught sight of the tell-tale rustling of Tumbleweeds, but the sort that drains the very blood from a man’s veins. Narrowly escaping the roving patch, they found themselves in a swamp, facing the blood-sucking stings of multiple swarms of Texas Skeeters, and eventually confronting an oversized spider, to boot.

Trudging their way out of the swamp, and putting out the anti-skeeter fire in Tsura’s wagon, they eventually came upon the spot that Old Henry had indicated, only to find an occupied cabin. As Pat and Jed went into the basement to investigate, Burrel began asking questions. As the basement doors slammed behind them, Jed and Pat fought tooth and nail against crazed cultists, while Agent Burrel dissolved his attacker’s ax, and then shot him cold.

Finding a little girl, they discovered a cultish altar had been set up, and that they had been using Old Henry’s equipment to torture people with electricity; deciding it should be put to the good, original use, they packed it up, with the girl in tow, and made their way back to Dodge.

As Tesla began re-configuring the device, the posse took a few days, only to be summoned by the Sheriff’s office. Going to the Waitley Hotel, they were surprised to find a man hanging from a rope that seemed to come right out of the ceiling and broke any knife that tried to cut it. Finding a ticket and a letter, Pat made his way to the bar, where he was handed a key to a lockbox.

Opening it, the posse found a brick of Black Gold, a material that could only be created with the assistance of Ghost Rock, and something that Tesla had been waiting for for quite some time to finish his lightning gun. It seemed that the Agency, by way of James McParland, had set up the trade, but was concerned that one of his agents was now dead… but it wasn’t a matter of much concern, as he was later found hung around the neck himself.

Growing desperate, the posse set about finding the Prospector, hoping to get some answers… which they did. Coot Jenkins revealed the truth behind the Reckoning, and how the Reckoners were trying to make sure that man grew dependent on Ghost Rock for progress and innovation, and that they seemed to be systematically hunting down anyone who was finding alternatives.

At this point, the posse heard the gasping of air, and turned to find that a patron of the bar had a noose around his neck, being pulled to the rafters by a cloaked figure in the corner. Pat shot quick and true, obliterating the creature. Burning the body, they heard the whisper of the creature as it floated, ash on the wind…



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