A Fistful of Ghost Rock

The Shadow of Death

August 17th - August 27th, 1879

After making their way back from Williamson’s haunted laboratory, the posse got some much-needed shut-eye, waking to renew their efforts to find Dr. Bludnock. Trailing a lead, they made their way to the Astoria Company Trading House, learning that the Doctor had just gone up to the manager’s office for a meeting.

However, as they made their way up the stairs, Jed overheard what was going on inside; as the group busted down the door, they were faced by a ticking bomb set to blow; where they expected to fing Doc. Bludnock they found only two mad scientists with faulty equipment, and who soon were left without the functionality of their eye sockets.

Acting quickly they tried to disarm the bomb, until Tsura threw it out the window in a desperate act of… yeah, not sure what was going on there. The explosion rocked the building, but did significantly more damage to the neighboring saloon. As Pat shed a tear of anguish, the posse continued tracking down the Doctor, as Jed had overheard that he was being taken out of town before they ceased the “interrogation” of the previously mentioned scientists.

Riding through town, and raising a posse of angry saloon customers, they were able to chase down the group of bandits that had hustled off with Doc. Bludnock. As cannon fire and lead swapped sides, and Doc Bludnock found himself underneath a horse, the posse was able to bring him back to safety…

However, their victory was short-lived, as they found a man in a duster waiting for them. As the wind whipped his coat to the side, the posse briefly saw the Colts before they began flashing. Mortally wounded, Old Henry managed to teleport Jed, Tsura, and Doc Bludnock to safety, while Pat challenged the Harrowed. In the duel that ensued, Pat was able to get the draw on him, but it wasn’t enough to stop the bullets that smashed into his chest and killed him.

And then, as quickly as he had arrived, Stone simply left, leaving Old Henry and Pat Weaver dead in his wake..

Except Pat was a bit more stubborn, waking up from his dirt nap, and immediately making his way to the brothel for a bath (he was dirty, of course).

As Tsura tried to figure out what was going on, the posse was gathered up by Abigail Sullivan, who led them to a mysterious meeting. As they sat down in the ruins of the saloon, they listened apprehensively to the two Agents that sat in front of them.

James McParland explained to them what was so bothersome: it seems that the mysterious man who had killed Old Henry and attempted to do so with Pat went by the name of Stone, and seemed to have it out for New Scientists who were doing research in such a way that would bypass Ghost Rock; he was personally responsible for seemingly countless murders, all of which seemed to be linked to anyone doing research into alternatives to Ghost Rock as a fuel source.

He had a proposition: the Agency and the Rangers would team up and see why Stone was so keen on keeping any discoveries that would limit the influence of Ghost Rock; the best place to search would likely be the permanent residence of Old Henry. He then politely insisted that his associate, John Burrel join the posse and make sure that their actions were in the best interest of all parties involved.

The posse made arrangements and then got on the train to Dodge. However, their journey was interrupted by a large herd of Bison that seemed to be stuck in front of the rail; eventually they were able to find that there was a Voodoo talisman in the train that had summoned the herd and prevented them from moving. After dispatching the large snakes that were guarding it, Tsura was able to dismantle the Hex. However, when the train broke down, the posse gathered their belongings and drove a wagon train to Dodge, promising to send back a repair crew.

Coming into Dodge, the posse made their way to the former home of an Old Henry, a rented apartment that hung over a shoemaker’s. Convincing the man that they were here to pay Old Henry’s debts, they opened the large Ghost Steel door that was protecting his personal laboratory. Searching through, they were able to find documents, including some letters from an N.T., and 17 pounds of Spanish gold.

Emerging from their find, they were accosted by thugs who came at them with knives, seemingly interested with the wealth they had found… but how did the Bottle Street Gang know what they would have found in Old Henry’s place? Maybe McParland’s contact Hancock would know…



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