A Fistful of Ghost Rock

Old Bones and that hummin' tune...

August 30th- September 3

Gettin’ a bit impatient for Hancock to make his way back into town, the posse asked for directions to his mine and began wanderin’ that direction, takin’ note of the strange rocks and fossils that showed up along the way. Getting there, Hancock stated he was familiar with the deaths of the scientists, and was intrigued as to the cypher that was found in Old Henry’s apartment. While not being the sort who would be able to decipher it, he did know who could: Nicolai Tesla, currently residing in Dodge.

As they tried to get back to town, they were unfortunately set upon by the bones of a Utahraptor Deseretraptor, which seemed to have a strange proclivity for Pat’s flesh. Thinking him dead, he was buried in the mass grave with the rest of the miners. As the group spent a few days searching for Tesla, he dug himself out, sauntering into town as well as you please, if a bit less pickled than usual. Trying to make his way to a bathhouse, he was suddenly attacked, by a group of angry Chinese, drawing the attention of the posse and Nicolai Tesla. After fighting off the bandits, they learned that they were attacked because of the orders of “Red Petals,”, and that if the bandits hand’t complied, their families lives were forfeit.

Becoming aware of the smoke and fire coming from the Chinese quarter, the posse quickly came to the rescue, helping organize the fire brigade and selflessly rushing into the flames to come to the rescue, and recovering evidence that there was something in a nearby warehouse that Red Petals didn’t want anyone to find…

Deciding to sleep on it, the posse awoke to a horrid screaming noise, as if locusts had been able to find the ultimate pitch from hell. As the townsfolk began to get restless, the posse worked with the distracted Nicolai Tesla to identify the culprits: a swarm of Humbugs had moved into town, and they were going through their mating call.

A spark of inspiration came to Jed, and the group raided the Smith and Robards supply depot to get an Audiographical Logger, and having recorded the Humbugs, re-played the tune back at an even louder frequency, killing the Humbug queen as it landed, and then dispatching the swarm of males that became enraged.

Coming back into town, they learned that the swarm had risen up from a warehouse in town, and the group made their way there, to find a lavish warehouse that bore all the trappings of the Iron Dragon rail line… including ninjas.

Incredibly stupid, inept ninjas from a dice hell I just could not escape. It is not a good day when someone is telekinetically giving your ninja a swirlie in a toilet.

Having defeated the ninjas and capturing Shitty Steve, the group learned that there was something going down September 20th, and it looked like a meeting between Bayou Vermillion and Iron Dragon…



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