A Fistful of Ghost Rock

Times, they are a changin'...

September 13th 1879- February 1st, 1878

As the train rolled into town carrying the supplies ordered by the posse, they gathered quickly, happy that their hard-earned dinero had come to fruition.

Unfortunately, the Wichita Witches had decided to rob the train. The posse was able to make short work of them, taunting their leader to a breaking point… a breaking point that Tsura would not return from.

Making funerary arrangements (and divying her loot), the posse turned towards the ace in the hole: Thomas Edison and Samantha Donnovan had faked their deaths to be able to make their way to Dodge, and brought with them troubling news: any scientist whose work would reduce dependency on Ghost Rock was hunted down by Stone, and there was no way to stop him…

… except stopping him before he became Stone.

Tesla and Edison worked throughout the nights, getting along marvelously, to the chagrin of Anthony Szigeti, Tesla’s assistant, and were soon able to make a device that, based off of Old Henry’s designs, would transport the posse not just through space, but through time as well. However, they would need a relic of immense spiritual power to defeat Stone; the posse then concluded that the only logical course of action was to steal the pope’s hat… or the ark of the covenant. Whichever they could.

Riding Tsura’s wagon and bringing Szigeti along, the posse found themselves in the outskirts of Rome, and made their way to the Vatican City after a night of large amounts of pasta consumption and wine.

Trying to find a place to stay, the posse was called into action when a werewolf began murdering in the streets. Between Szigetti’s teleportational footwork, burrel’s shooting, and Pat’s ability to find flammable things, they were able to defeat it.

Thanked for their hard work, the group was invited to a dinner party with a Gioacchino Vincenzo Raffaele Luigi Pecci in attendance, one of the voters of the Papal Conclave that had been called after the death of Pope Pius IX, who had been poisoned. Noting their skill with dealing with problems, he asked them to join the security detail, which they gladly accepted as a way of getting closer to the hat. Or Ark. still not sure.

As they did a patrol, they were accosted by demons, which they dispatched, only to find medallions of control; these were quickly identified as having the seal of Luigi Billio, who was mysteriously missing. However, as the posse searched for Luigi, who was possibly being considered for next pope, they learned that Allesandro Franchi, his main rival, had a penchant for playing baccarat…



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