Anthony Szigeti

Nikola Tesla's lab assistant


Anthony Szigeti is a first generation American born in New York City on the 31st of October 1856 to Italian immigrants. He was always a bright child but had a tendency to take apart everything and occasionally putting it back together which didn’t necessarily work well in his parents’ bakery. He was always fascinated by science and the writings of Jules Verne. Little did he know that science fiction would become reality with the discovery of ghost rock. As a young adult, Anthony met Nikola Tesla whom he considered an unappreciated genius. With some convincing Tesla agreed to take him under his wing. Despite some setbacks (such as blowing up a lab full of chemicals) he did eventually prove himself worthy of apprenticeship when he improved Tesla’s design for a directed energy weapon dubbed the Tesla Pistol. When Tesla made his way west, his apprentice eagerly followed him.

Anthony is extremely loyal to the few friends he has and nurses a bit of a grudge against his master’s rival, Thomas Edison. In fact his worst nightmare is Edison stealing his and Tesla’s designs and using them to become more famous and wealthy than Tesla.

Anthony Szigeti

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