Jed Green

Seeking redemption, but for whom?


So Jed Green was a small kid growing up in the big city of New York. He was quick to pick fights & get loud, to compensate for his size. He grew to a normal sized guy, but never lost that insecurity that made him kind of vicious. He got jobs that would let him fight people regularly, bringing him further and further out west. Brothel bouncer in New Jersey, a bare-knuckle boxer for a few seasons in the Ohio circuit, some work as hired muscle for small town gangs in Missouri then Kansas & finally he got a job as a “counselor” in Los Angeles California.

In this job he worked with many of Reverend Grimm’s flock, even meeting the man himself once on a during a Christmas Mass. The sermon was a rousing 5 hour oratory about God’s anger at the world & how his wrath would be dispensed through his disciples on earth. It was just after that night that Green felt the calling of the Lord into his service. He signed up to become one of the Guardian Angels & moved into the local Church the very next day.

The training for a preacher is awful brutal, more so than working any other job Jed’s seen. Whippings to wake you, prayer, whippings before meals, bible study, whippings before working on construction of the new church-houses, prayer, whippings before bed. There was something evil about a man’s back that just set the Lord in a shit-fit. All that work and pain paid off though, because Jed now knew why he was so angry all the time, all those sinners were pissing off God & that rage overflowed into the righteous.

Jed was a great Guardian. He learned his bible quick, and learned how to apply the punishments even quicker. He had a whole world of sinners to dole out God’s righteous wrath and not enough hours in a day to get it all done. Then he was sent with a company to destroy a witch. That day was the last day Jed ever called himself happy.

The witch was hiding in a two-bit saloon in San Fran, as a card-shark. 5 Guardians, including Jed, entered and started in on the unholy bastard. The witch held power over the men in the saloon and they all attacked at once. The Guardians made quick work out of his thralls and started in on the witch. Something went wrong though, as the witch opened a door and all manner of vile beasts pored through. Limbs were flying, blood everywhere & Jed couldn’t be happier, laughing as he tore into the things with his bare hands, the light of God poring through him, giving him the strength of ten men.

Eventually the witch and its spawn were slain, Jed and another Guardian (Theodore) picked themselves up to leave, when in the doorway was Reverend Grimm himself. He told the pair that they did God’s work, but were now tainted by the Devil & had to be purified. Jed didn’t understand what was meant until Theodore’s head rolled between his feet. Jed called on God for aid, but Grimm had God’s favor as well… if not more so. So Jed did the only thing he could think of, something he’d have nightmares of every night after.

Jed opened the door.

The door left by the witch was opened and Jed was howling like a banshee. Grimm had none of it. With a sweep of his hand the beasts were sent back to hell & then Grimm opened his mouth wide. An angelic choir erupted into Jed’s mind, with the force of TNT. Dazed and facing Grimm’s full wrath Jed ran into the still open door. Though it didn’t lead him to hell, it might as well have.

Some den of unclean pleasures that held him in their thrall for nigh a year. The things he did there had nothing to do with violence, but the echo of the angels filled Jed with more hate and rage than ever before. Finally, it built up too much and Jed lost it, killing half a dozen whores and finding himself on the streets of Tucson. Not knowing where he was, and trying to ignore the music that no one could hear, Jed became a drunk vagabond. He lived in a town for a spell, until he was run out, and would wander into the next one.

A few years later he was shitting in a confessional in Arkansas and the priest, rather than kick him out, like so many others, took pity & took him in. He was cleaned and cared for, eventually doing work around the church. Though they accepted him and trained him for three years, Jed could never get the sound of angels out of his mind. He ended up moving to Scottsdale Missouri and opening a Parish there. The Church of Saint Jude ended up being huge, too big, in fact for Jed. So he’s going to up and leave and try to start another one in a town with more competition, hopefully it’ll stay small and quiet.

Jed Green

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