Old Henry (RIP)

Henry S Knocklebocker, Sir, Esquire, Ph. D


Old Henry doesn’t remember how long he has been traveling around the West. Could be 30, 40 years now. He just knows that he isn’t going anywhere so long as the ghost rock sticks around. His worst nightmare is that he wakes up one morning and it has all disappeared back to wherever it came from.

Officially Henry is a field agent for Smith and Robards. Its his job to travel to meet inventors in the field and inspect prototype inventions and blueprints that the company is interested in buying the rights to. Of course, he also likes to tinker a bit himself! He used to be a engineer a looong time ago, trying to perfect a faster steam locomotive, but some pesky German scientists beat him to it. Now he is determined to one up them by building a locomotive that is faster still – one that teleports to its final destination!

Spending so much time in the sun and around ghost rock has scrambled Henry’s brains a bit. He is convinced that there are spirits everywhere and that they get inside his head through the pores in his skin and will steal his ideas for inventions. To combat this he avoids getting wet whenever possible, and never, ever takes a proper bath! Since the spirits might try and get into him through pores in the food he eats, he never lets most foods take a bath (be cooked) either. Its the origins of the paleo diet!

Unfortunately, his dietary and other health concerns did not aid him in his first and only run-in with Stone. RIP, Henry.

Old Henry (RIP)

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