Pat Weaver

He has two hands, and they're both for guns.


Born in Indiana to Kent and Mary Weaver, I have an older brother Chris and a younger brother Tim and sister(married) Vera Hendricks. My father died when I was around 10 and I became a spiteful young kid. When I was 14 I moved out and ran off to Illinois and joined up with some cattle ranchers. Befriended a lot of lower class types who were wandering about looking for work. My best friend at the time was a Mexican and another guy who was part Sioux Indian.

I like my drink. A few years back while on a job out in Ohio after a hard day’s work a bartender served me a watered down whiskey. After throwing me out for complaining I came back, shot the place up and burned it down. I didn’t kill no one, but am wanted in that state for the crime.

I have a habit of loosing jobs for getting into trouble. Usually beating people up for crossing me in some way. I headed to Missouri looking for new work in a new area where I don’t have a reputation following me.

Pat Weaver

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