Tsura Kalderash (RIP)

The one-armed bandit...gypsy?


Tsura Kalderash was born in Romania where she lived with her mother, father, and older sister. For her first 10 years she traveled with her family all around Europe from Turkey to Spain. Her life changed completely when her family was accused of witchcraft for practicing the art of fortunetelling in Madrid. Her family was hunted down and slain by members of the Inquisition. Only Tsura was able to hide from them and escape. She spent the next 15 years of her life wandering Europe doing whatever she needed to get by. She made her way back to Romania where she spent some time with family friends who taught her the arts of fortunetelling and spellcasting. For a time she was happy until these people were taken from her as well. Her best friend, Violca was abducted and murdered by a pair of vampires. Despite others warning her to leave it alone, she swore revenge on them and hunted them down. Using the knowledge given to her by her own people she caught them asleep during the day and was able to destroy the female with her magics. The male proved more difficult to kill and though in the end she was able to decapitate him with her knife it cost her the use of her left arm which was broken and battered in the fight.

Once her vengeance had been taken she no longer wanted to remain in Europe as it reminded her too much of her lost family and friends. She headed for the new world in hopes of finding a better life. She was shocked to discover that New York City was little different from any other place she had been, full of sorrow and grief. She especially felt pity for the many orphans of the city and their mistreatment by just about everyone. For a time she worked for an orphanage helping as much as she could. When the orphanage ran low on food, Tsura stole some from the local market but luck was not on her side that day. She was caught in the act and forced to flee. She headed west in an attempt to avoid the authorities but it turned out to be going from the frying pan to the fire. The west was crawling with the same supernatural threats that she thought she’d left behind in Europe. In fact things were worse. So she decided to use her expertise in the supernatural to help people where she could. She especially has a weak spot for children in trouble. She doesn’t want anyone to have to live through the horrors that she has.

Tsura tragically died fighting the Witchita Witches. She didn’t even get to enjoy her wagon. Jed took it. Sad Face :(.

Tsura Kalderash (RIP)

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