A Fistful of Ghost Rock

Trouble in Sweetwater
A storm's a-brewin'

Wednesday, June 18th, 1879

As a slight drizzle began coming down, the Buxley Co wagon train rolled into Sweetwater, a stopping town that owed it’s existence to bein’ a day’s travel from Victor’s Point further on the trail.

As the wagons rolled in, a blast of smoke came from the house of the recently deceased Wesley Connor, as Old Henry discovered that, no, the young inventor’s work did not meet the Smith and Robards strict manufacturing requirements (yet alone safety complaince).

Stepping out, he met the reverend Jedediah Green, gunslinger-for-hire Pat Weaver, and the gypsy Tsura Kalderash. As the storm seemed to be getting worse, Mr. Buxley suggested that the wagon train stay in town for the night, to which everyone agreed: it would be hard enough to get through to Cartersville without having to drive the train through fresh mud.

They were then approached by Max Donnovan, the mayor of Sweetwater, who had a bit of a conundrum; the local judge, Robert Samuelson, had been stirring up trouble against an Indian who was living in the town. By his reckonin’, Red Bear was responsible for the storms, and as such, the murders of the livestock that occurred at night. Donnovan wanted someone to put the judge’s mind at ease, and was willing to give a nice little purse to anyone who could figure out what was disturbin’ the peace.

The posse went immediately to the stables to find the caretaker of the town’s livestock, which happened to be none other than Tom Donnovan, the mayor’s son. Speaking to the preacher, Tom let on that he knew more than he wanted to tell about the happenin’s at the barn… and, when faced with the sight of Weaver’s six-shooters, he fessed up: he’d been rollin’ in the hay with Samantha Samuelson, the judge’s daughter.

Never one to let the redemption of a youth slip him by, Green immediately organized a wedding. During the festivities, Tsura consulted with the Manitous, finding out that Samuelson had a bit of a grudge against Red Bear; his wife had left him for the Indian years ago.

As everyone woke from the last night’s revelry, they awoke to screaming. Thinking that another one of the livestock had been murdered, they went outside to see the body of Tom Donnovan in shreds. Outrunning the cries for a hangin’, the posse took Red Bear and brought him to the barn, fixin’ on getting the truth. Red Bear stated that he had indeed been summoning spirits, but only because someone else was trying to bring in some bad mojo into the town. As the mob rushed the barn, he handed Henry a talisman, telling him that it would lead them to evil.

Defusing a lynchin’ (by way of some teleportin’, storm-callin, telekinesis, and hidin’ behind a barn door), the group was able to convince the mob that Red Bear should have a fair trial, with “Henry S Knocklebocker, Sir, Esquire, Ph. D” as his attorney (and most likely smartest man in town).

Diggin’ up evidence, they found that Red Bear was, for the most part, a favored member of the community before Samuelson started raisin’ fits about him. And after talkin’ to his daughter and a chat with a Manitou, the group became convinced that Judge Samuelson had a lot to gain by Tom’s death, now that Samantha would be inheriting the Donnovan cattle.

However, a thunderous boom of lightnin’ unsettled the posse, and suddenly Red Bear’s talisman started twitchin’ like a jumping bean in a fryin’ pan. Rushing outside into the storm, they saw what had to be the largest wolf they had ever seen trying to break into it.

What they failed to see, however, was the pack of normal wolves that came with it.

As lead and spells started flyin, and blood washed onto the mud, eventually the posse stood victorious. However, the talisman still was twitching, so they followed it right up to Samuelson’s house, Max Donnovan in tow.

Breaking open the door, Judge Samuelson turned around, breaking his neck in the process, as whatever demon was possessing him revealed itself. Throwing more lead (and a large, telekinetically-propelled frying pan) at the problem seemed to fix it. Donnovan asked the group to keep the Judge’s possession a secret, and to agree to take Samantha to Independence.

Making their way back to the saloon, the group exposed the source of the evil, and, with the rousing speech given by Pat Weaver, they found security in the midst of their chaos; for they knew, that when evil rose it’s head, they were there to take it down.

Settin' on to Victor's Point
Trouble with the lawless and the law.

Saturday, June 21st, 1879

Awakening to a day that didn’t involve rain, the posse ate some breakfast and began working their way down the trail with the Buxley Co. wagon train to the next stop in their trek, Victor’s point. Hearing the distinct sound of bees, Tsura alone was willing to take the risk of gathering honeycomb… thankfully for her, Jed was more than gracious enough to provide medical assistance in the aftermath.

Continuing on the trek the posse reminisced about their past: Jeb spoke of the first love of his life, the fiery-haired Emma Rose, who succumbed to tuberculosis. Tsura spoke of the love she shared , only to have her ripped away by the vampires that had taken her arm. Jeb revealed his anger at jazz singers for stealing away his beloved.

And Pat revealed that he wished that damn dog Red Eye coulda’ swum.

Stopping for some grub, Buxley realized that Samantha Donnovan had gone missing. Remembering their promise (that totally wasn’t given to them in exposition by a Marshal who forgot a plot hook) to keep an eye on her, they found tracks of her and her horse, being lead away by other footsteps.

Coming upon a clearing, they were able to find members of the 33rd Virginia, led by Corporal James “Six Fingers” Carston. They were holding Sarah hostage, with the clear intent that they wanted to make sure they could take liberties with her. Springing into action, the posse was able to quickly dispatch the 33rd Virginia, leaving only the youngest of their group, Tim Sullivan alive. Jed began his forced servitude preaching of redemption of Tim, while Old Henry took the liberties of making the distinguishing marks of Six Fingers Carston more portable (by way of hatchet).

Having saved the honor of Sarah and gaining a new recruit, they continued with the wagon train until they reached Victor’s Point, and moved straight as a rail towards the saloon. It was at this time that the Sheriff of Victor’s Point barged into their hard-earned rest, demanding that the posse come with him.

It seems that a member of the 33rd Virginia was accusing the posse of unjustified murder, and that Sarah had agreed to a sum of $10 to “entertain” them. As she protested, the Sheriff pointed out that her purity was not in question; her actions with Max Donnovan were known even here.

However, the eyes of Pat Weaver were sharp as ever for trouble; as he sat eating his spaghetti, he noticed, off the reflection of the bar mirror, that rifles were pointed at their backs. Calling the Sheriff out on his cowardly ways, the resulting shootout left the last few members of the 33rd Virginia slain, as well as the Sheriff, and a barrel of ’45 Kentucky whiskey.

Self-appointing himself as the new Sheriff, the Barkeep explained that Carston was actually the former Sheriff’s brother; there had been talk that the Sheriff was going to give him immunity in Victor’s Point in exchange for support of taking over the town, a gateway to Independence. In thanks for getting rid of the cowardly Sheriff, he used the opportunity to dispense the whiskey from his improperly functioning barrel; and the Old Henry managed to make some friends by giving everyone a free round.

Settling in for the night, they prepared for the next leg of their journey; to the safety and civilization of Independence, Missouri.

Independence, at last
Tuesday, June 23rd, 1879

Waking up to the sound of the wagon train waiting on them, the posse gathered their belongings (including Tim Sullivan, who is possibly considered such) and made their way onward. Considering the prior events of their travels, the journey to Independence was largely uneventful.

Arriving at the town, they were left to fend for themselves. As Pat bee-lined for the local tavern, Old Henry attempted to get orders from Smith and Robards, Jed began building his church redemption pavilion blessed outhouse tent, and Tsura began looking for orphans to save.

Meeting Adam Townsend, the local sheriff Marshal, the group learned that their taking over an alleyway was not much appreciated. Going to town hall, they then purchased the deed to the empty Augustus Building that was next door, with Jeb itchin’ to turn it into a church, and Tsura wanting to build a partial orphanage. Compromise did not go well.

Going to the market the next day to gather supplies, Jed was unfortunately the victim of an attempted pickpocketing. However, unknown to the members of the Bradbury Gang that accosted him, he had the power of heaven on his side. As well as a teleporting, hatchet-wielding old cuss, an accomplished gunslinger, and a huxter.

As the Bradbury gang members were carted off, the Sheriff thanked them for their efforts in not trying to hurt them too badly; he had been wanting to arrest them for quite a while now, and this time they couldn’t get away with their antics.

Rejecting the offer of the Pacific Fur Trading Company for the hide of the Wolf of Sweetwater, the party negotiated a deal with Tobias Yeager, earning them a pretty penny.

Following a few rumors (note to Marshall: never again be subtle with plot hooks), they made their way to the Astoria Mine, learning from Sam Dorian that recently there had been quite a few cave-ins, with a large number of the Welsh miners suspecting that the Tommyknockers had left the mine, preventing them from using the early warning system.

Convinced that the problem was simply a structural instability in the mine, Old Henry led the posse in, convinced that there would be easy money made.

As they went through the shifting tunnels and heard the cracking and knocking of stone, they realized they were wrong. Also, they realized that this gaming group is possibly not mature enough to have an enemy named “Knockers”. Yes. The jokes went there. .

Learning that the funbags Tommyknockers were sensitive to sound, the fight that ensued was chaotic and deafening, with Old Henry chucking his dynamite like there was no tomorrow. Despite the manitous attempting to, well, pretty much dig a ditch for Tsura, she was able to pull out a massive arcane blast that destroyed the Tommyknocker King, allowing them to escape the mine with the last survivor, and put an end to the Tommyknocker (giggle) menace in the mines.

It was the Boogeyman!
Thursday, June 26, 1879

Making their way out of the mines, the posse was summoned by the mayor of Independence, thanking them for helping resume production of the steel and coal that would be needed if Independence was serious about attracting a railroad into town. He doubly appreciated Jed’s incendiary assistance with the troublesome paperwork that he was dealing with (though, unfortunately, the respite was short-lived).

Awaking fresh in the morning, Old Henry sat dumbfounded by the invention of the bartender… Whiskey Eggs. The Marshal now notes that there might be a complication as to the development of the teleporting train Old Henry was so obsessed with, as he has been fielding questions regarding the development of Whiskey Chickens, which would assuredly create whiskey eggs.

Hearing sounds of commotion, Tsura found Marsha Townsend about to give a child a thrashing. It seemed that, in the night, someone had gone through town, slaughtering chickens and cats, and crucifying them with their own innards. With the town so on edge to make a good impression for the Railroad Committee, they were quick to blame the orphans that were wandering around town, especially with some evidence pointing to their involvement.

Tsura stated that she and her compatriots would get to the bottom of this, taking the orphan into her custody. During the interview that followed, the following was learned:

1. The children were sure it must have been the work of some boogeyman (which totally don’t exist)

2. Old Henry is really good at making small children cry.

3. Bacon solves all problems.

Letting those with more social inclinations handle that bit, Pat began searching around town, noticing that there seemed to be a two separate trails that weaved through the destruction. Finally, he came to a tree in the central square, where the trail of broken twigs and leaves seemed to come to an end.

Gathering the posse, they were in the middle of investigating the issue when the dirt next to Jed’s feet sprayed up.

Turning around, the posse found that the Bradbury gang had hired some outside muscle. Sensing the skills of another gunslinger, Pat challenged him to a duel. As the bullets flew, it was clear that Pat was simply was the better shot (or that the Marshall completely misunderstood the rules, take your pick), taking the gunslinger down before he knew what hit him.

Unfortunately, the Bradbury gang wasn’t keen on playin’ fair, drawing their guns as soon as they realized their champion was going to take a dirt nap. When the dust settled, the only corpses were that of the Bradbury Gang.

Dusting themselves off, the posse realized they would likely need to set some sort of stakeout for whatever was doin’ the murderin’ of chickens. Finding that Tim Sullivan had managed to whip up a pack of dogs to be of assistance, they waited for nightfall, sending the dogs (with some divine assistance) into the darkness to figure out what was goin’ on.

Almost immediately, the hounds found a trail to follow, bringing them to a duo of Boogeymen in the middle of the act. Not taking kindly to being figured out, they attacked, stabbing with their pointy (and impossibly sharp) twig hands.

Destroying them, however, seemed to have only angered their leader, King Twig, who viciously tore into Jed. Injured, but victorious, they sent for a doctor.

Later, they made a note to find a better doctor.

Taking care of business as they waited for the Independence Fourth of July Poker Tournament and Festival, Tsura learned that someone had learned her huckster secret, and that both the Rangers and Agency seemed to be homing in… but was it for her, or was something else on the way?

Fourth of July Fiasco!
July 4-8, 1879

Rising bright an early in the mornin’, the posse gathered their gear and stepped out to face the wonders of the Fourth of July Independence Fair and Poker Tournament, which the town had prepared for some time.

As Jed had Tim and the orphans shill a supposed cure-all elixir, Old Henry rose to the challenge of the log-cutting competition. Having at first no interest, he whipped up a contraption right quickly when he realized that another mad scientist had built a machine to chop those logs faster than a greased hare. While Old Henry’s horse-chompermatic device required gathering some odd components (horse teeth, ghost rock steam engine, and turpentine), his work was at least slightly more stable than that of his German rival, who was disqualified for injuring other contestants, as well as being unable to collect his prize for having exploded himself to death.

Pat then entered the firearms competition, beating out the rest of the shooters simply by sheer skill, taking shots from distances other men couldn’t even match. However, it was clear that he was used to shooting his targets in the ear, as his pistol shots only barely hit his targets.

As the day progressed towards the poker tournament, Tsura finally grasped the cards in her hands…

Only to have a group of bandits break into the tournament hall, demanding that everyone hand over their valuables. Considerin’ that Pat was slightly fond of his six-shooters, Old Henry only gave one end of his ax to people, and Jed usually didn’t have much of anything, this led to a right violent protest, with Tsura having a bit of a fit for someone trying to bust up her poker game.

As the cards finally settled, the bandits lay dead or dying, at which point, as all civilized people do, the tournament resumed, with Tsura being able to clean up the pot. Afterwards, the Independence Railroad Commission thanked them for their efforts in impressing their guests, who had finally approved that a branch of their rail be led down to Independence.

The next day, they were called to the coroner’s office, who asked them for some assistance: it seemed that Jacob Smith, one of the railroad commissioners, had died the night before, under somewhat mysterious circumstances… he was found outside the whore house in a gutter, completely drained of any liquids.

Realizing that there was a whore house, Pat immediately made his way there so that he could get a bath. Seriously, that’s all he wanted. While interviewing the lady he had been with the night before, they noticed that Jacob’s room had a trail of ashes leading from his room, as well as a downturned mirror. From the footprints, the group could identify the size of the shoe, to which the Madam made comment that only three of her girls could wear that size; two of them were out of town on “business”, while the last had died nearly a year ago.

Taking the most logical route, the posse immediately went to the area where the woman had been buried, only to find that a woman’s body was freshly buried in her grave, and had been rooted out by hogs. On top of that, this body showed the same affliction of being drained of any liquids. Realizing that the wrong person was in the grave, they decided to stake the cemetery, getting a decent haul of one feral pig for meat. Oh, and a corpse to bring back.

At the coroner’s again, they found that there was yet a third body that had come up, and found out by way of the town tailor’s inspection of the dress tag that the woman that they had brought back was actually the third stiff’s husband, who had cheated on her some years ago with a blonde-haired harlot… and that a strikingly beautiful blonde woman had recently commissioned two dresses be made.

Trying to find out more about the man who had been killed, and possibly find a motive for a corpse to raise from the dead and kill folk, the group was surprised by a random fistfight in the bar they were in. As shards of the wall-mirror fell, a blonde woman began singing in a manner that shook Pat to the core… but which Old Henry, with his dirty ears, and Tsura, of the feminine persuasion, shook off easily.

As they fought the bar patrons, which seemed to be under the harlot’s spell, the posse was unable to do much to her, as the men would constantly dive into the way of bullets and arcane bolts.

Driving her off, Pat received medical assistance from Jane Samuelson, head of the Independence Railroad Commission, and finally everything came together.

It turned out that the man who was killed first, Johnathan Roberts, had fallen in love with a whore, Lily Turner, and promised to marry her, giving her gift of a silver mirror. However, unknown to her, Johnathan was already married, and when his wife found out about the affair, she and her sewing circle, which Jane had been a part of, publicly shamed her. As she asked Johnathan to confirm his love for her, he took the mirror from her hands and shattered it. She committed suicide shortly thereafter.

Realizing that the reanimated lady of the night was seeking vengeance on anyone she felt was connected to her shaming, the posse high-tailed it to the sewing circle, surely enough finding that Lily was in the process of draining bodies. Using the mirror shards that Jed noticed earlier had caused her to shed ash and avoid stepping on, they were able to finally give her soul rest, but not before some innocents died.

As they stepped out into the open, they were approached by a stranger, who felt that they had handled the situation well, and made them an offer. Should they accept, they would simply need to meet her at the local Ranger station on Saturday morning…

A Ranger's Duty
July 11-24, 1879

Taking a few days rest from their encounter with the vengeful, lovelorn, undead prostitute, the posse ventured into the Texas Ranger station, greeted by a gentleman playing solitaire alone in an warehouse containing only a bookcase and a desk. Asking for Abigail Sullivan, they were prompted to go use the secret switch.

As Pat fell down Helmut Schmidt’s Speedomatic Personel Slope, the rest of the group followed, finding Abbie and an Indian sitting. After offering the drink that Pat had already helped himself to, Abbie informed them of a bit of a problem; it seemed that the monthly wagon train from Santa Fe was late, and was supposed to be carrying an important scientist: Dr. Bludnock, who was coming to town to have a Smith and Robards representative evaluate his Doc Bludnock‚Äôs Licorice Lip Balm and Soothing Unguent.

The posse gathered up their possessions, and headed west. Making poor shelter, they passed a trapper, who agreed to share breakfast with them and trade, in both goods and info: he had passed a wagon train a few days back, that had mentioned that they had had some wheel trouble.

The posse continued onward, uncertain if there was any sort of real danger for the wagon train, when they saw a wagon on the horizon. Thinking they were in luck, they approached, only to have a cannonball throw the dirt in front of them.

Lead flew all around, and the outlaws they posse defeated left them some nice horses and a cannon. And a cannoneer that simply wanted left alone. Of course, they drug him with them.

Following a likely trail, they found one of the three wagons had been abandoned, a wheel cracked in a stream. As the bandit they had captured warned them of Little Jimmy, they came across a camp, where a lone lookout sat admiring a necklace.

Advancing without caution, the posse quickly subdued shot the lookout, but not before he had let off a shot from his shotgun. Searching the two wagons, Jeb was able to find some of Doc Bludnock’s Balm… right before the stick of dynamite blew the wagon he was in to pieces.

Using the trees for cover, the posse seemed at first to be in a bind, with only Pat’s skill with a rifle able to affect the bandits shooting from cover. Then, Little Jimmy brought out his “little friend”, using his gattling rifle to mow down the trees they were using as cover.

With quick thinking and some cannonball use, the group finally managed to take the bandits out, and free their weaponry from their greedy clutches. Oh, and they saved the wagon train.

Returning back to town (and collecting their paycheck from Abbie), the posse then learned of a mighty tragic situation: Tim Sullivan (no relation to Abbie whatsoever) was going to get hitched with Samantha Donnovan. Pat took the occasion to do some celebratory drinking, while Jeb was inconsolable that he didn’t have a protege any longer to take over the church that he really didn’t like runnin’.

Attempting to console themselves with economic grease, the posse agreed to sell the weaponry they had acquired, and learned that there was some commotion going on with the railway crews: seemed that somethin’ had been killing the workers for the past few days.

Heading out, the posse made their way to the main cut, learning from the workers that something had been crushing people in their sleep. Going to investigate one of the bodies, Tsura contacted the Hunting Grounds to learn that there was some sort of Voodoo involved, while Jeb found out the hard way while inspecting a body that it was voodoo that involved venomous teeth.

As they returned, they found quite a few members of the cut performing a voodoo ritual, claiming that they were preventing the bad mojo from coming near. Accidentally inhaling the smoke that they were using, Jeb noticed that it seemed to trail against the wind, and followed it. As the posse wondered at what smoke he was talking about, and why he claimed the Houngans were still talking to him, a massive serpent appeared, with the Snake Charmer screaming at them in fury.

Thinking quickly, Tsura threw the Snake Charmer into the serpent, killing him almost immediately; as the Serpent attempted to crush Jed, Old Henry whisked him away. As Tsura managed to blat the venomous snake that appeared from the Snake Charmer’s body into oblivion, Jeb and Henry were able to lop off the head of the larger serpent.

Moving back to the cut, they told the Houngans that all was again well, or, at the very least, they just killed a big-ass snake and some crazy dude shouting orders at it, and began their trek home.

A Scientific Problem
July 24-August 14th

Making their way back to town, the posse decided that they should like to read the letter that was on the Bayou Vermillion letterhead. After tracking down an old friend Old Henry’s, they learned that it was a letter from a “S” that was interested in making sure that the rail line to Independence never got finished, and that it was not in their “best interests”.

As they pondered what this might mean, the group met Mr. Thomas Edison, an inventor of some renown. As they walked with him to the hotel, they learned from Abigail Sullivan that it seemed that someone had taken quite an interest in Mr. Edison, and might be possibly trying to kill him.

Old Henry then attempted to convince Mr. Edison that his life was in danger (which he did), and that he was already dead (which he supposedly was), and this was the best way to protect him. As O.H. came down the stairs to tell everyone that Edison was likely safe, Pat greeted him as Edison. To his pleasure, the four men who seemed to be eyeballing anyone who had a lick of science coming from their pores decided to draw.

Despite their gattling pistols, the four gunslingers were no match for the posse. As their backup plan barged through the saloon door, another flaw in their plan occurred: Never rely on Automatons from Crazy Ike’s Discount Automaton Emporium and Cookware Warehouse. But why would the Agency want Edison dead…?

Bringing Edison to the Ranger safe house, they then attempted to track down the money that had purchased the automatons, tracking it to the apartment of a Simon Comwell. As Tsura picked the lock (and set off the rigged shotgun trap), they were greeted with a completely empty room. However, Jed’s amazing carpentry skills noticed a flaw in the floor; pulling up the boards, they posse found a lockbox containing gold bars, and article clippings regarding Old Henry, Doc Bludnock, Thomas Edison, and a gentleman named Wilbur Williamson, a local scientist that was working on something he called Rocket-Powered Rail Boots.

Rightly guessing that Mr. Williamson and Doc Bludnock were going to be targeted, they attempted to find the doctor to no avail, eventually giving up and making their way to Wilbur Williamson’s home. Along the way, they met a Sioux hunting party that told Tsura that there was something odd going on at his home.

Paying no heed, they arrived at Wilbur’s home, to find it empty. The only clues to his whereabouts being the powdered copper all around the floor, as well as the cooking pot that had been left on. Old Henry, curious as to what he could find to eat, quickly realized that it was most definitely volatile and possibly less than edible; following the tracks he found to the toilet, he quickly deduced the secret room’s switch: the toilet handle (as there was an outhouse outside).

As the group made their way down to the laboratory, nearly activating a tripwire, they found themselves in a small, underground cavern… with lots of bottles of nitroglycerin, the ingredient for Wilbur’s fuel.

Making their way deeper inside, they uncovered Wilbur’s Ghost Rock furnace, as well as a door locked with a body inside… and the souls of many assistants that had died of hunger before. As beakers, scalpels, acid flasks, and nitro flew across the lab, the posse was able to keep their heads (figuratively and literally), eventually banishing the spirits to their rightful places (or such that they thought they should be), and began the salvage. Taking Williamson’s notes, they pondered at the cryptic message that was inside as a bookmark from a T.E…

The Shadow of Death
August 17th - August 27th, 1879

After making their way back from Williamson’s haunted laboratory, the posse got some much-needed shut-eye, waking to renew their efforts to find Dr. Bludnock. Trailing a lead, they made their way to the Astoria Company Trading House, learning that the Doctor had just gone up to the manager’s office for a meeting.

However, as they made their way up the stairs, Jed overheard what was going on inside; as the group busted down the door, they were faced by a ticking bomb set to blow; where they expected to fing Doc. Bludnock they found only two mad scientists with faulty equipment, and who soon were left without the functionality of their eye sockets.

Acting quickly they tried to disarm the bomb, until Tsura threw it out the window in a desperate act of… yeah, not sure what was going on there. The explosion rocked the building, but did significantly more damage to the neighboring saloon. As Pat shed a tear of anguish, the posse continued tracking down the Doctor, as Jed had overheard that he was being taken out of town before they ceased the “interrogation” of the previously mentioned scientists.

Riding through town, and raising a posse of angry saloon customers, they were able to chase down the group of bandits that had hustled off with Doc. Bludnock. As cannon fire and lead swapped sides, and Doc Bludnock found himself underneath a horse, the posse was able to bring him back to safety…

However, their victory was short-lived, as they found a man in a duster waiting for them. As the wind whipped his coat to the side, the posse briefly saw the Colts before they began flashing. Mortally wounded, Old Henry managed to teleport Jed, Tsura, and Doc Bludnock to safety, while Pat challenged the Harrowed. In the duel that ensued, Pat was able to get the draw on him, but it wasn’t enough to stop the bullets that smashed into his chest and killed him.

And then, as quickly as he had arrived, Stone simply left, leaving Old Henry and Pat Weaver dead in his wake..

Except Pat was a bit more stubborn, waking up from his dirt nap, and immediately making his way to the brothel for a bath (he was dirty, of course).

As Tsura tried to figure out what was going on, the posse was gathered up by Abigail Sullivan, who led them to a mysterious meeting. As they sat down in the ruins of the saloon, they listened apprehensively to the two Agents that sat in front of them.

James McParland explained to them what was so bothersome: it seems that the mysterious man who had killed Old Henry and attempted to do so with Pat went by the name of Stone, and seemed to have it out for New Scientists who were doing research in such a way that would bypass Ghost Rock; he was personally responsible for seemingly countless murders, all of which seemed to be linked to anyone doing research into alternatives to Ghost Rock as a fuel source.

He had a proposition: the Agency and the Rangers would team up and see why Stone was so keen on keeping any discoveries that would limit the influence of Ghost Rock; the best place to search would likely be the permanent residence of Old Henry. He then politely insisted that his associate, John Burrel join the posse and make sure that their actions were in the best interest of all parties involved.

The posse made arrangements and then got on the train to Dodge. However, their journey was interrupted by a large herd of Bison that seemed to be stuck in front of the rail; eventually they were able to find that there was a Voodoo talisman in the train that had summoned the herd and prevented them from moving. After dispatching the large snakes that were guarding it, Tsura was able to dismantle the Hex. However, when the train broke down, the posse gathered their belongings and drove a wagon train to Dodge, promising to send back a repair crew.

Coming into Dodge, the posse made their way to the former home of an Old Henry, a rented apartment that hung over a shoemaker’s. Convincing the man that they were here to pay Old Henry’s debts, they opened the large Ghost Steel door that was protecting his personal laboratory. Searching through, they were able to find documents, including some letters from an N.T., and 17 pounds of Spanish gold.

Emerging from their find, they were accosted by thugs who came at them with knives, seemingly interested with the wealth they had found… but how did the Bottle Street Gang know what they would have found in Old Henry’s place? Maybe McParland’s contact Hancock would know…

Old Bones and that hummin' tune...
August 30th- September 3

Gettin’ a bit impatient for Hancock to make his way back into town, the posse asked for directions to his mine and began wanderin’ that direction, takin’ note of the strange rocks and fossils that showed up along the way. Getting there, Hancock stated he was familiar with the deaths of the scientists, and was intrigued as to the cypher that was found in Old Henry’s apartment. While not being the sort who would be able to decipher it, he did know who could: Nicolai Tesla, currently residing in Dodge.

As they tried to get back to town, they were unfortunately set upon by the bones of a Utahraptor Deseretraptor, which seemed to have a strange proclivity for Pat’s flesh. Thinking him dead, he was buried in the mass grave with the rest of the miners. As the group spent a few days searching for Tesla, he dug himself out, sauntering into town as well as you please, if a bit less pickled than usual. Trying to make his way to a bathhouse, he was suddenly attacked, by a group of angry Chinese, drawing the attention of the posse and Nicolai Tesla. After fighting off the bandits, they learned that they were attacked because of the orders of “Red Petals,”, and that if the bandits hand’t complied, their families lives were forfeit.

Becoming aware of the smoke and fire coming from the Chinese quarter, the posse quickly came to the rescue, helping organize the fire brigade and selflessly rushing into the flames to come to the rescue, and recovering evidence that there was something in a nearby warehouse that Red Petals didn’t want anyone to find…

Deciding to sleep on it, the posse awoke to a horrid screaming noise, as if locusts had been able to find the ultimate pitch from hell. As the townsfolk began to get restless, the posse worked with the distracted Nicolai Tesla to identify the culprits: a swarm of Humbugs had moved into town, and they were going through their mating call.

A spark of inspiration came to Jed, and the group raided the Smith and Robards supply depot to get an Audiographical Logger, and having recorded the Humbugs, re-played the tune back at an even louder frequency, killing the Humbug queen as it landed, and then dispatching the swarm of males that became enraged.

Coming back into town, they learned that the swarm had risen up from a warehouse in town, and the group made their way there, to find a lavish warehouse that bore all the trappings of the Iron Dragon rail line… including ninjas.

Incredibly stupid, inept ninjas from a dice hell I just could not escape. It is not a good day when someone is telekinetically giving your ninja a swirlie in a toilet.

Having defeated the ninjas and capturing Shitty Steve, the group learned that there was something going down September 20th, and it looked like a meeting between Bayou Vermillion and Iron Dragon…

Henry's Treasure
September 4-12

With Tesla finally able to translate the documents found at Old Henry’s abode, the posse began making their way east of Dodge. Pat’s keen eyes caught sight of the tell-tale rustling of Tumbleweeds, but the sort that drains the very blood from a man’s veins. Narrowly escaping the roving patch, they found themselves in a swamp, facing the blood-sucking stings of multiple swarms of Texas Skeeters, and eventually confronting an oversized spider, to boot.

Trudging their way out of the swamp, and putting out the anti-skeeter fire in Tsura’s wagon, they eventually came upon the spot that Old Henry had indicated, only to find an occupied cabin. As Pat and Jed went into the basement to investigate, Burrel began asking questions. As the basement doors slammed behind them, Jed and Pat fought tooth and nail against crazed cultists, while Agent Burrel dissolved his attacker’s ax, and then shot him cold.

Finding a little girl, they discovered a cultish altar had been set up, and that they had been using Old Henry’s equipment to torture people with electricity; deciding it should be put to the good, original use, they packed it up, with the girl in tow, and made their way back to Dodge.

As Tesla began re-configuring the device, the posse took a few days, only to be summoned by the Sheriff’s office. Going to the Waitley Hotel, they were surprised to find a man hanging from a rope that seemed to come right out of the ceiling and broke any knife that tried to cut it. Finding a ticket and a letter, Pat made his way to the bar, where he was handed a key to a lockbox.

Opening it, the posse found a brick of Black Gold, a material that could only be created with the assistance of Ghost Rock, and something that Tesla had been waiting for for quite some time to finish his lightning gun. It seemed that the Agency, by way of James McParland, had set up the trade, but was concerned that one of his agents was now dead… but it wasn’t a matter of much concern, as he was later found hung around the neck himself.

Growing desperate, the posse set about finding the Prospector, hoping to get some answers… which they did. Coot Jenkins revealed the truth behind the Reckoning, and how the Reckoners were trying to make sure that man grew dependent on Ghost Rock for progress and innovation, and that they seemed to be systematically hunting down anyone who was finding alternatives.

At this point, the posse heard the gasping of air, and turned to find that a patron of the bar had a noose around his neck, being pulled to the rafters by a cloaked figure in the corner. Pat shot quick and true, obliterating the creature. Burning the body, they heard the whisper of the creature as it floated, ash on the wind…


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